Vivid Memories

by botnit

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'Vivid Memories' is a 6-month project intended to deliver subtle hits of 80's flashbacks, while utilizing more modern sounds and techniques.

The result is 10 tracks, mostly unique from each other, and they are intended on being immersive, and representative of their title. With any luck, 'Vivid Memories' will offer something not quite like anything else in the retro 80's scene.

SHOULDA BROUGHT BACKUP - A drug deal at night, by the docks. When it goes bad, they wished they didn't come alone.

TECHNOIR - Get up and dance the night away.

INNOVATION - 1984, the CD is becoming the new hot audio format. $60 CDs and $1000 compact disc players. Coming soon to all major department stores. News footage and sprawling manufacturing plants bringing the future.

SENSATION - Hot, sweltering summer nights. Warm synths and sexual overtones. Inspired partially by the opening flashback scene in Bloodsport. The likeness to MPM's 'Summer of 1984' was unintentional. :-o

HI-SCORE - 1982, local TV station WBNT is doing a story on the video game craze.

DRIVE THE BEST - Cruising the streets of Miami at night, in 1983, traveling no faster than 30mph - in the Countach.

CITY MONTAGE - Old travel agency videos, showing off panning views of 80's Los Angeles, being chatted about by a tall, curly-haired woman with a red blazer with shoulder pads that are far too big. She really wants you to visit LA.

FINISH LINE - 1984, the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Someone's having the best race of their life. Maybe it's the adrenaline, maybe it's the heat of the west coast. A video of this in slow-motion.

A ROBOT SINGS - Mr. Robot has decided to take his robot girlfriend out for some chinese food. In the back is a karaoke parlor and a dance floor. Mr. Robot chooses his song, grabs the mic, and sings for his lady.

SOARIN' - Standing at the cliff, overlooking the ocean, you run towards the cliff's edge with your hang glider strapped to your back. You dive out over the edge. Then, the wind picks you up, the canvas flaps, gets in-between the sun and your eyes, you feel the heat, and the rest is history.


released October 6, 2013

Production: J. Govoni

Thanks to: Roburai, Betamaxx, Mike Beaulieu, Tom Lane, Rick Shithouse, obtusemoose, Newretrowave, Maniac Synth, Chris Lebel

Artwork by Overglow




botnit Boston, Massachusetts

botnit is Jim Govoni, retro 80's synthwave producer from Boston.

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